Construction & Project Management

We provide a full project management service for the construction industry. To ensure that each site has and complies with the Project Management Plan.

Our goals are to complete projects before time and under budget without compromise to the property or safety.

We are contracted to complete projects from start to finish or to give that final push to complete the project.

Even more so by Developers and Owner Builders as a trouble shooter to complete projects with disputes with other Builders, Consultants, Unions, Work Cover or sub contractors.

Past Projects:

Residential Sector

Commercial Sector

Civil Sector

Working within these sectors, ABSHOW has passion to ensure and satisfaction within the construction industry. We are advocates of partnering with our clients to ensure their vision is the completed project. The more unique, complex and difficult the project the happier we are. We will build where most other builders will walk away, for example steep hills, remote and environmental issues, using new or commercial products.

ABSHOW back ground is in Construction Management, each project is managed as such, using a variety of construction management software packages, these programs are interlinked for seamless construction progress, what this all means is that we know exactly when and who to have onsite at any particular stage.

ABSHOW can provide a range of flexible and diverse contractual agreements, including but not limited to:

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